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Growing up, Bradley always had a love for food, cooking and entertaining, which led her to a career in Nutrition.

Trained as a Registered Dietitian, she worked in clinical nutrition for eight years after graduating from the University of Alabama. She enjoyed the medical field, but quickly realized she was lacking a creative outlet. Bradley saw the success of her aunt, Kim Wilson, in the curation of Lucy’s Market in Atlanta, and dreamed of opening something similar for the Tuscaloosa community. She loved her concept of selling prepared foods, flowers, gifts, and produce all in one place, making shopping convenient for her customers. Lucy’s Market had also perfected the “market gift basket”, which Bradley believed Tuscaloosa was lacking a “one-stop shop” for specialty items that could be easily customizable. Kim was an integral part of the Bradley’s Market story. She encouraged and guided Bradley to open her own version of her market and tailor it towards the needs of the community she had been a part of her entire life. With many family members, including her mom, Ree, being involved in the world of retail, Bradley was set for success with a loving and supportive group of mentors.

As a multi-generational Tuscaloosa native, Bradley was excited to open the doors of her market in 2019, with the hope that she could create a unique and exciting shopping environment for the city that she loved so dearly. The store that began as a dream has created a family of individuals in all walks of life. Being in a college town has allowed Bradley to reach young students and mentor them through an impressionable time in their lives. Although many come and go, they always have a home base here at Bradley’s Market and play an integral role in the story of us!

Wedding Registries

Our registry consultants love helping couples begin planning their home together! If you would like to create a registry, please contact us by phone (205) 764-1939 or email bradley@bradleysmarket.com to set up an appointment.

Gift Baskets

Let us help you create a custom gift basket for any occasion. Whether you need to send a thank you, extend sympathy, or just brighten someone’s day, we can help you curate the perfect gift. Fill out the “Build a Basket” form, call the store, or come by.

"Faux Real" Orchid Arrangements

Shop our pre-made artificial arrangements, or bring in your favorite container for us to fill. One of our orchid specialists will work with you to create a gorgeous piece that will last a lifetime. Browse previous custom arrangements and shop our current selection, call the store, or come by the store to begin creating!

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